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flooding is a natural disaster caused by heavy rains andoverflowing rivers. very detrimental to flood victims, both the disease and its treasures.

The first, resulting in many flood victims skin diseases, such as hives. this is because the water from flooding mixed with a variety of bacteria and germs. so that the water is causing the itching.

second, the floods also cause diarrhea. This is due to lack ofclean water supplies are used for eating and drinking. so that the victims of floods using flood water for cooking and drinking.

in addition, flooding is also caused by the loss of property due tobe dragged by the flood. flooding is also causing people to losetheir homes for some time until the floods recede.

some things we must do to reduce the flooding is as follows:
1. do not throw garbage in the river
2. planting bamboo trees on the edge of the river
3. to the deepening of the river
4. to raising and strengthening embankments

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